Allegra is set in a massive open world.  Every single landscape you can see is there for you to reach and explore.  Our Massive Server will be providing all players access to one such world -- without the need to subdivide players per "server" or "realm". There is no player limit.

To manage overcrowding, areas may be split into channels, and players will have some ability to switch channels, in order to join players they intended to play with. In most cases, our Massive Server will manage this without the need of players to manually switch channels.  For example, players in your party will stay in the same channel.  Players from your guild, will stay in the same channel.

As players progress in the game, they will gain ability to purchase land.  Player will be able to customize this area themselves, modify terrain, rearrange objects (trees, rocks, rivers, bridges, etc), and even design their own architecture.

Upon this new land NPCs will adapt to the new landscape and continue their usual life.

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