Races: Allegra will have 10 races for players to choose from, each with male and female gender.  Gender diffe...


We are developing real action-based combat system, where aiming is not a mere 'lock on target'.  It will be ...


Allegra is set in a massive open world.  Every single landscape you can see is there for you to reach and ex...


In Allegra, every player will have ability to leave their own mark on the game landscape and gameplay. Play...

  • fully customizable characters (animation, morphing, shading and texturing)
  • customizable abilities (create and share your own abilities)
  • true crafting system (recipes are not hard-coded in the engine, they're shareable)
  • customizable world (including morphing and texturing)
  • competitive pvp, and world pvp
  • mini-games, that offer alternative gameplay with leveling rewards (for example racing, chess, texas-holdem, with weekly tournamens and in-game rewards)
  • no server downtime
  • dynamic screen-lag management
  • dynamic network lag management

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