Allegra will have 10 races for players to choose from, each with male and female gender.  Gender differences will be just visual, no effect on the stats.  Within each race, players will have ability to tweak and customize character shape and color.

Although certain starting stats will vary depending on the race, all sides will have equal distribution of possibilities. During character creation, players will chose the side, race, class, and then customize appearance of the character.  Customization will be based on real time morphing, rather than picking a preset from selection.  You will shape the body of your character, paint the skin, shape the hair and paint the hair.  Or, just pick from one of the presets.

Depending on the race you selected, some of the slider bars will have limited range, to ensure your character stays within its genetic look.  For example, tall races will not be able to be too short.  Skin and hair color will also have allowed ranges depending on the race.

To allow for further customization during character creation, alternative character creation tool will be provided.  In this version player has complete freedom of morphs/colors, and at the end they are advised which (if any) races are possible, depending on what ranges your creation conforms to. 

If none are possible, player will be allowed to enter the world and play as an 'outsider', neutral side. Later in game, outsiders must choose one of the mainstream sides to ally with.  As certain characteristics of 'outsiders' become popular, we will start identifying these as separate - new - races.  This mechanism allows players to 'vote' towards establishment of a new race.


Class roles will be important in Allegra, within the 4 archetypes - tanks, healers, dps, and support.

8 main classes will fill those roles. From there, depending on the way your character masters the secrets of the world of Allegra, you will have ability to further change your character into any of the other 3 directions.

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